A Prophecy Entitled



In the hour glass of time the story was told. Man redeemed and permission granted for free access to God's eternal throne. The hand pierced through has joined the creation to the Creator. His story is now history for man who refused the hand that is now handed over to the hand that throws down. The second death given because life was refused. Foolish, indulgent, unbelievers cast down for eternity by the judgement of truth from the source of truth. Life granted, life refused. Truth granted, truth refused. The laughter on earth turns to anguish in hell.


Tell My people boldly, the refusal to life means the invitation to death. Hold not back, let My people know. Obedience to My word allows man to live. Disobedience permits judgement of death. The curtain now closes on time and time is no more. The beginning is come in timelessness. Steeped in the waters of travail, My Bride now ushers in the souls that will heed My final cry. The story of Jesus, the redemption of the Lamb is given in the final hours for all to hear. The blood shed upon the dirt has been once and is final. I will accept no other sacrifice. Man's religions are as dung in My nostrils. There is no sweet incense in them to Me. Nay, the sweet incense can only come through the praises of the redeemed covered by the blood of the true Lamb, My Son Jesus. The righteous ones made right by obedience to My Word alone will give the tell tale story forever to tell in the courts of heaven.


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