A Prophecy Entitled



Take one thing, and bring it to the flame of endurance. It shall not break for the thing that can pass through the flame must be of a solid substance, such as fine metals. Gold and silver can pass through flame and endure in great brilliance. That which is not durable will break when passed through fire. A child who is built on a solid substance, the Rock of salvation - My Son Jesus, will pass through the flame of My chastening,! My road test of overcoming obstacles enroute home; My checkpoints of love, changes, many persecutions, many various afflictions, troubles that test one's endurance. These are the flames My vessels of purity will endure. Those vessels who obey My Word with humble, contrite hearts, will be as gold passed through fire for endurance, the everlasting endurance of My Spirit within them. Yea, My vessels are brilliant, strong children of light, love and eternal promise.


I gift My obedient children with great joy even through their tests, their flame of purification. Happy are My vessels that do not break. Great sorrow is the reward of those who refuse My tests of love and obedience to My perfect will. They are as things that crack and fall apart in the flame because they were not hewn out of the solid Rock. They could not withstand the polish of refining.


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