A Prophecy Entitled



I give My beloved rest, Yea, I give My Bride rest in Me. But My Bride is slumbering in the spirit and shall be found lacking. The oil has gone out of her lamp. She depends on others for her revival, but will not come to seek Me early. She is met with the cares of the world each day and is not aware of My Spirit, My Holy Spirit within her.


She is fornicating with the world and is seen with leprous sores, great dark spots on her skin in My sight. She must repent swiftly or be damned eternally. She must know she has no domain, no life, to live in My kingdom until she returns to Me with all her heart.


Tell My people, My Word must be obeyed; My standard uplifted. Souls will be spared eternally by opening your mouth in the love of your God.



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