A Prophecy Entitled



Though there is ever an increasing lack of love within My body, there is the purpose of total failing in the hearts of My people who choose to stay the same and not grow. Some will say they are in My will, yet refuse to change. To remain the same is to sin. When one denies My chastening, My reproof to love each other at a deeper level, they refuse My grace to overcome Satan. No child can ever remain the same and overcome the evil one.


The road to heaven is very narrow. Those who tread on this steep and narrow pathway must run or they will lose their balance. To run to Me means constant change, constant growth. There is no staying the same! Tell others of this constant need for accepting My chastening to leave their carnal natures. My flowers, My trees are eternal. They must grow in My grace. They will endure only if they live in My Word under My sunlight, not man's light.


My children must obey my commands set forth in MY WORD. No one can remain the same and live for Me at anytime while they journey upon the earth.


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