A Prophecy Entitled



Stability in marriage is based on one's heart connected to a living God. Marriage is a symbol of a union between God and man. Divorce is a symbol of a disunion of God and man. Marriage, built on a Rock, My Son Jesus, cannot fail. I AM LOVE. God is the source of love unconditional love. Love breaks demonic spirits. My route of love joins, not divides.


The kings of the Israelites such as David and Solomon, had many wives but did not divorce. Polygamy was accepted for a king, but taking another man's wife was never accepted. David took Bathsheba and lost his son as a judgement for his sin.


When My Son Jesus came to earth, He brought forth the fulfillment of My Word in Himself. Jesus is the Word and the Bridegroom betrothing Himself to the Bride forever. No other Bridegroom is acceptable. My creation, joined to us through My Son Jesus alone, demonstrates oneness. Polygamy is no longer allowed due to the relationship of Jesus and My creation. My Son, Jesus, has given the Word: to look at a woman with lust (desire) in the heart is adultery. The sexual union is for man and his wife alone not another! My intimacy with My creation comes through My Holy Spirit abiding in full union within


one's being. The sexual union is a symbol of My Spirit in man in total connection. This being broken is harlotry adultery of the Spirit.


The lake of fire, total separation, remains the judgement to those who defile the marriage bed. Repentance is the only release from said judgement. Speak out now to My body and to the world. I will not tolerate such blatant rebellion.


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