Chapter Six - Part One



The church must wisely guide and protect its youth. The single people in the church must be taught to wait on God before choosing a mate, yes, and even a date. Dating without the Lord's direction should not be acceptable in the church. It can be very dangerous in this day and age. The Lord told me "Satan is leashing out his fury as never before to captivate souls for destruction." The Bible tells us to "Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body." (1 Cor.6:18) The unmarried should be seeking the Lord earnestly before taking the serious step of marriage, which is preceded by courtship. Much should be taught on the subject of marriage and the problems that married couples face, as well as the blessings. The foolishness of Singles Clubs that promote the search of mates suitable for marriage is seeing its toll in the route of divorce and remarriage.


Children suffer greatly due to the selfrighteousness of parents who speak the word "divorce". This bad scene in the church could be somewhat avoided by stopping the dating games. People can grow to know each other in group settings before choosing a mate for courtship. Many pastors fear to discipline with God's holy standards in the church. The same problems exist with


parents today. Too many fear to discipline their children. Few guidelines if any, are given for children to know their boundaries. Permissiveness in all areas produces chaos. If young people are taught that the institution of marriage is a symbol of Jesus Christ's union with us, His Bride, they are apt to seek the Lord more earnestly for His guidance in selecting a mate. His choices and timing are always best. Many do not have the faith that God can personally direct in these matters.


The Old Testament shows us that God selected the mates for marriages, or the Lord directed the parents to select the mates. Marriages too often fail because of impulsive decisions. The needs must be met in the personal relationship with Jesus Christ to avoid disaster. We see the divorce rate in many states in America; up to one out of every two marriages and in some states two out of every three are divorcing. Singles dances, dating agencies, the "cupid fixer uppers," the false prophets are telling of new mates coming their way. This problem seen in the church today is adding to the falling away, the sickness and death of the spirit in God's body. Pastors, don't be afraid to rock the boat, or your people will drown forever!



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