A Prophecy Entitled



I cry, I cry to My children. Come, come to Me. I have all to give. Yet they turn away. I cry, I cry, yet they will not listen to a Father's plea; a Father who loves them, a Father who longs to embrace His children and bring them home in safety.


No man knows the heart break I bear for the children who follow in their own destruction. No man knows the depths of love I have for My creation.


The hour is late and My cry must ring out loud and clear for the safety of My children. I have to use your mouth. I cannot bear the putrefying sores of My body any longer. Those who are willing to obey My Word and walk humbly before Me will be led in safety. They are chosen out of destruction; out of My wrath which shall befall many in this late hour.


Weep with My tears, love with My heart; cry out with My voice, the voice of One who cries in the wilderness.


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