A Prophecy Entitled



The United States is the Young Lion that is now under judgement. The Young Lion had started on the Rock of safety by the Word of God upheld in the land. The laws were upheld to bring to consciousness My commands as directed in My Word. Man soon broke from those laws of the land. Now America mocks My Word. Though a few of My people pray and speak out, there are too few listening. Even My own sheep have gone astray in the land. My shepherds uphold standards of blasphemy, denial of My Word.


Adultery, fornication in My Body indeed. Is this the standard for the Young Lion to view?


Cry out now, weep before me. For I must soon stop the Young Lion, for her roar is a weak cry and she will cower under the threat of the adversary, men under Satan's banners.


I will no longer allow them to receive truth and have them live a lie. They must now uphold My banner, or cower under the enemy's force.


Stand your ground against all attacks. I am with My faithful servants to bring them to victory. I rejoice in My faithful ones.


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