In 1985, the Lord called me to go to Puerto Rico to preach about the sins of the church. He addressed the answer to deliver the bride from falling, namely, The Inner Court of God. (See final chapter herein.)


One evening while I was preaching to the body of Christ, a man came up to me and said "God told me to pray over your feet." (God knew my problem of flat feet would not be beneficial on the rough roads of Guatemala, Honduras or Africa to which I must go.) When the man rose up from praying over my feet, he said, "You are preaching here on 'The Inner Court of God', but you shall return to the United States and go into a deeper inner court than ever before. You shall then come forth speaking, "Thus Saith The Lord!!" This prophetic word for me has come to pass, as God has kept me communing with Him in the Holy of Holies day and night listening to his voice and studying His word. His deep intimate revelations calling us to hear His heartbeat and His burdens have brought forth this book. The man who spoke the prophecy written above told me that his back had been out for weeks. He had been in much pain and it took much faith to bend down to pray over my feet. But, as soon as he came up, he was miraculously healed!!


Some of the direction for change in this book may alarm you, but remember Hebrews 12:67: "For whom the Lord loveth He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives. If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons for what son is he whom

the father chastens not?" I ask that you do not let emotions control you, but that you humbly, objectively return to God in prayer and examination of God's Word on each direction given.


The impact of exclusion of majority in the first chapter entitled, The Remnant, SHOULD PRODUCE THE PREPARATION FOR REPENTANCE NEEDED.


Revival must come, but I believe revival comes through fiery breakings and true repentance. This is our FINAL COUNTDOWN. THE CLOCK STOPS QUICKLY! America is under judgment, (see Chapter #8) and so is Planet Earth. Not to return to God in close examination of our adherence to His Word is too costly a mistake!! The cost is ETERNAL DEATH!


This book is given to the author as well. When the Lord gave me the chapter and prophecy on divorce, I shuddered and said, "Lord, who will receive this today?" He answered me by giving me Jeremiah, Chapter 1. God knows who will come to the first commandment to love Him that much. Those who earnestly desire Him and give Him adequate attention, will understand what is written herein.


Your servant in Jesus,



Gloria Mancini

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