A Prophecy Entitled



Change is not easy, for mankind is born out of a stain of sin, producing self will, a spirit of pride. In order to come to salvation, one must make a decision to leave selfwill. A soul that humbles itself before me has My power for change enroute to My perfection through My grace. Man does not go forth under his own power, but Mine anyway. He is merely walking in his own delusion until he comes to know Me, the Living God. Those who strive to please Me, The Living God, will be in a constant state of change or a deliverance pattern. Safety is only found in humility or recognition of God, who has the overcoming grace to give the "lifejacket" amidst the ocean's storms. Those who abide in My ship will arrive safely to shore. My word is written for man to live by through all of life's problems. A safe route of peace is given in every battlefield to those who obey My truth written; it is My Holiness, My Son Jesus, the Perfect One a Model for My bride. The Standard Bearer, the Standard of all that is pure, all that is holy, all that is selfless is My Son Jesus!


With each growth in My perfection given, a gift of fresh revelation is also given the revelation of Me the Living God! I have much to give to the humble heart. Darkness is a gift of Satan to the proud, rebellious ones.


The overcomer's army is steeled in truth, in power, in light, in love, and in peace, strength not seen by the world's camp. My light shines through those being perfected in My grace. Soul's are snared out of the enemy's camp of darkness through My conquering, overcoming soldiers that endure My chastenings, My corrections-which are many. No soldier appears on the battlefield of life and death without full armor. The soldier unarmed is a fool! My soldiers need to be clothed with My righteousness which only comes through a humble heart. My powerful ones stand ready to overcome the onslaught of the enemy. My vessels of purity throw down the strongholds and take the land. Many mountains of demons are demolished by humility and faith in My Word.


Perfection is ongoing. My direction is ongoing. My care is eternal. I AM the Leader who must be obeyed for man to live eternally.


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